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importance of Small Business Websites Whether we like it or not, the Internet is becoming the leading and largest marketing platform of our time. Therefore, whether you are veteran Facebook foxes or technophobic who refrain from bringing a computer home, if you have a business you should at least consider, if not already running and start handling the matter, to build a website for your business. How can a website promote your business? Here are some points to consider. Here, most customers start searching because of the ease and availability of the Internet in any average household, most customers searching for a product will begin their search on the Internet, and for them, if a business does not show up in search results a sign that it probably does not exist. This way, small business owners who do not have a website lose a significant amount of potential customers in advance. Even if the potential customer has already heard about the business in a more traditional way (radio, flyers, billboards), he will likely try to look for more information online, and again we encounter the same problem, Because if he doesn't find the business he will give up and move on to the next option. The economic aspect for small business owners usually is not to spend extra money on expensive campaigns whose effectiveness is not always affordable. Without underestimating the importance of advertising on the radio and in the press, which are still influential to a small number of consumer populations, it is nevertheless worth knowing that Internet advertising is cheaper and not only more effective. There is no need to buy advertising space, enough to build a website on WordPress and invest a little in someone who will run it, and it can already be seen in the number of leads and customers. Unlike ads or advertisements, the site is there all the time, waiting for the customer to find it, and thus with little financial investment, advertising time and much higher availability are obtained. Customer service With the help of the website, you can answer customer questions without talking to them on the phone. By building a FAQ page, Precise guidelines that include a map and explain how to arrive and during which business hours are open and for the advanced also forms or digital answering questions for customers or delivery services. Regardless of the issue, the website makes it much easier for customers to handle, and the data does show that customers who enjoy a detailed and up-to-date website tend to complain less about the product or service. In the end, though, the potential customers
Fay Gutman
SEO expert


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