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Kosher promotion

Kosher promotion

כתוב את הכותרת כאן

Religious Websites The advantage of promoting a website or brand on the Internet is the ability to accurately identify and target the potential target audience in a targeted and measurable way. The religious target audience is different in its characteristics from the general target audience it has different beliefs, different concepts, and a perception of life that influences its decisions. For example, the national religious audience comprises about 14% of the Jewish adult population - over half a million people. This is a younger group compared to the general population: 25% more aged 18-34 but still relatively older than the ultra-Orthodox sector. This audience has high economic potential and market share that can only be ignored by gentle and planned penetration and you can achieve high quality results. The religious audience has an income rate of about 60% with an average income and above - similar to the general population !! This audience is modeled on demographics, attitudes, lifestyles, communication and product consumption, and brands are from the general population, The ultra-Orthodox sector also behaves in a unique way in the Internet environment in which it chooses to browse while maintaining the values ​​of modesty and restrictions. The religious sector is surfing the internet on a daily basis and is financially capable. Every company should make a tremendous effort to locate this audience and the advanced internet environment gives us new tools for promoting kosher while maintaining important values ​​for the sector and delivering clean and accurate messages in active and creative ways. In the department we started the religious sector browsing process with advanced testing and monitoring, the promotion was done organically as well as actively on social networks, forums and more.
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SEO expert


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