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One of the hottest professions in the internet industry today is a website promoter. Any research, even the most superficial, that anyone who wants to build a website will find is very quickly the term SEO as one of the things that must be run on a website that is looking for surfers. The job of a website promoter is to bring every site that it undertakes to promote high places in the search page results. At present, there is no formal training that justifies the title of a website promoter, so in most cases it is mainly the successes in the field that must be checked before employing a promoter who works on a website. The area has broken out and there are quite a few claiming to the crown and quite a few of them have crowned themselves as site promoters with no real experience. A good website promoter needs to know how to do serious market research, understand the audience he is supposed to be and how he thinks, what interests him and especially what he is looking for, which is what popular keywords are for those people who need to come to the site eventually. Another segment that a website promoter refers to is competitors, Website promoter Manova knew how to check which words have more competition, who promotes which word more and why, a keen competition for any word will make the first places in the ranking very difficult to achieve. After these steps, a site promoter will consolidate all the data it finds and cross it together with other tools that provide data, there are quite a few such tools that are offered free on the web and the central one of which is Google's Keyword Tool. All this cross-referencing will allow the webmaster to find the most appropriate keywords for that specific site. After having a list of words, the promotion itself begins. First, the code on which the site is built will likely receive such and other enhancements, which will mainly include keyword insertion, confirmation that the code meets the W3C standard, and more. And the like. This is where the other side of SEO begins - increasing the pool of links.
Fay Gutman
SEO expert


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